About Jerry Burleson

Jerry Burleson is an ethical California lawyer who devotes a large part of his practice to legal representation of minority shareholders of privately held corporations who have been treated inequitably, ripped off, denied their shareholder rights, or otherwise in some way denied the benefit of their investment in a corporation because of the improper actions of corporate insiders and other persons in control of the corporation including majority shareholders, executive employees, corporate officers and directors.

Jerry also counsels and represents corporate directors, officers and executive employees who are faced with challenging ethical and legal issues in the performance of their responsibilities and in carrying out their fiduciary duties to the corporation and its shareholders.

Jerry maintains law offices in San Diego and San Francisco.  With this presence in both Southern and Northern California he is well positioned to take shareholder cases throughout the state.

Jerry also provides legal representation to highly compensated employees in their employment law cases.  Jerry’s employment law clients will typically be CEOs, COOs, CFOs, senior VPs, senior level managers and executives, top performing sales professionals, R&D scientists and other top level IP creators and developers, senior level staff professionals such as staff attorneys, CPAs and physicians, as well as other highly compensated employees who are paid annually at least $100,000 in their positions although frequently they will have been compensated at significantly higher levels.

Jerry’s employment law clients often must deal with issues unique to their highly compensated positions.  Frequently such employees have employment agreements with compensation and benefits that are highly complex and the agreement often contains a clause requiring that any claims against the employer must be resolved through arbitration.  The unique issues such highly compensated employees may face include negotiation of their severance and protection of their vested rights in stock options, among many other issues unique to such highly compensated employees.  But they also can be faced with many of the same issues that other employees face, such as age and physical disability discrimination and wrongful termination.

Jerry also provides legal representation to employees and other persons possessing first-hand knowledge of any major fraud by a contractor perpetrated on the federal government, on the State of California or on any political subdivision of the State of California such as a California city or county or the Regents of the University of California.  Jerry represents such whistleblowers in “qui tam” lawsuits against the fraudulent contractors under the federal False Claims Act or the California False Claims Act, as appropriate, seeking recovery of the proceeds of the fraud for the government and a reward to the whistleblower of a percentage of the proceeds for their diligence and efforts.

Jerry’s education and experience are well suited to the demands and challenges of his professional work.  He earned his BBA (bachelor in business administration) and JD (law degree) at the University of Houston, in Texas.  Jerry also earned an LLM (master of laws degree) in taxation at Golden Gate University, in San Francisco.   He is licensed as an attorney in California and in Texas.  He now actively practices law in California.

Jerry has over 30 years of law practice experience.  While his law practice is now devoted primarily to representing clients in court cases, arbitrations and mediations, Jerry has significant past experience as outside corporate counsel to the boards of several mid-size corporations with business throughout the U.S. and worldwide, and he has firsthand experience in consulting with corporate boards on corporate governance issues of many different kinds.

Jerry has served as legal counsel to companies in connection with their sales and acquisitions of subsidiaries and for several years he worked as an intermediary in mergers and acquisitions of middle market companies.  In his present legal practice Jerry devotes his professional time and skill to court cases and arbitrations, and consulting with clients on issues that may develop into court cases and arbitrations.